Heating and cooling solutions for neighbourhoods of detached houses

With people’s needs in mind, businesses are proposing innovative homes designed to the highest standards that achieve an environment which is friendly to each and every one of us.

When designing houses, people focus a lot on heat pumps that can help to prevent being unpleasantly cold in winter. The right equipment primarily increases one’s comfort and helps to prevent illnesses that are caused both by excessive cold and by excessive humidity. It is also nice that Lithuanians care about comfort both in cold winters and in hot summers. This requires air conditioners that both cool the air and clean it. Since many people live in small houses that are perfect for their needs (but cheap to maintain) due to their well thought-out layouts, they aim to buy the fewest different appliances possible to take care of the house microclimate.

When building a home, people pay quite a bit of attention to heat pumps, which can help prevent unpleasant colds during the winter. Proper equipment first and foremost provides more comfort and helps prevent diseases caused not only by excessive cold, but also by excessive humidity. However, it is gratifying that Lithuanians take care of comfort not only in cold winters, but also in hot summers. This requires air conditioning, which not only cools but also cleans the air. Because many people create lives in small homes that, due to their convenient layout, perfectly meet human needs (but are cheap to maintain), they strive to purchase as few different pieces of equipment as possible that can take care of the home's microclimate.

"We are often away from home, so we want to have the indoor temperature we need to feel good when we come back." says Paulius who bought a house in Meduvio Alley. „That’s why we chose an air-to-air heat pump as a heating alternative. We bought it from specdarbai.ltWe wanted a heat pump that was both efficient enough to heat our 80 square metre house and had a cooling function. We opted for a more innovative solution with a remote Wi-Fi control. When I drive home from work, I set the house temperature to the right one for me, the rooms warm up, so when I get home it’s warm, but it also saves lots of energy during the day when nobody’s home," he adds. An air conditioner, or air-to-air heat pump, is the perfect solution for such needs, as it has three functions (3 in 1): heating, cooling and cleaning the air with additional filters used. It is a single unit featuring many possibilities to meet the needs of different people.

Individual house in "Meduvio alley" quarter

As Maksimas Vilkas, Sales Manager at specdarbai.lt, says: “The modern person expects the best, but does not want to invest much money, time or house space into it. Multifunctional units meet all these needs, and are especially recommended for small houses, apartments and commercial buildings." As the units are bought for many years to serve, consulting experts when choosing one is always advisable. The experts will answer questions and help you find the most suitable option for your particular house.

As the houses in Meduvio Alley are compact, they do not need a powerful system, which of course also means a much lower investment in maintenance. In the end, it makes life comfortable without freezing or overheating while not costing a fortune.

The investment is even more worthwhile, especially as one piece of equipment can operate all year round (air conditioners/air-to-air heat pumps both cool and heat the air).

A pleasant life naturally includes both the right indoor microclimate and the right neighbourhood environment. The neighbourhood of detached houses Meduvio Alley is different from other available ones in that you get both a house and a safe, cosy environment, a place for pleasant life.

Swedhaus the developer responsible for the upkeep of Meduvio Alėja, is highly focused on the infrastructure of the entire neighbourhood. This means that not only will you find your dream house in the neighbourhood, but also a street with asphalt pavement, street lighting, sidewalks and everything else you need for a comfortable life!

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