Salininkai Alley


The area of the house is 109.96m2

Optimally sized housing. A great choice for the family!



Houses with a modern and rational layout will perfectly meet the needs of every resident!


Façade is made of durable clinker tiles

The clinker façade is durable and gives the house an aesthetically pleasing and respectable look.


7-acre plot of land

Each two-apartment house owns a 7-acre plot of land.

Choose a house

Salininkai Alley is a great choice for those looking for a cozy place to live in an attractive location. Excellent communication - only 10 minutes to Vilnius city center! Nine two-story semi-detached houses are being built in the block. The closed territory of the block and the perfectly arranged environment will provide residents with perfect comfort!

Location in the city


The house façade is finished with clinker tiles.

The roof is a trapezoidal sheet metal.


Walls: Gas silicate blocks, 250 mm thick.

Wall insulation: Foam insulation boards, 300 mm thick.

Floors: Concrete, insulated with floor heating.

Wall finishing: All walls have gypsum plaster finishing.

Partitions: Plasterboard, made of double plasterboards 140 mm thick.

Electricity: Electric wiring routed to the designed locations, an electrical panel installed.

Water supply: Water inlet installed, water supply pipes routed to the required locations.

Internet: Cables routed.

Roof insulation: Eco-friendly cellulose insulation Ekovata, 450 mm thick.

Plumbing: Pipes installed to the designed areas, with collectors installed.


Electricity: Individual meters.

Water: One well per several houses.

Sewerage - "Švaistė" sewage system for every house.

Heating: Floor, covering the entire floor area of the house.

Rainwater: A rainwater collection well installed.

1. Boiler room 3.50 m2
2. Bathroom 4.20 m2
3. Tambur 5.59 years2
4. Living room/kitchen 35.95 years2
5. Warehouse 9.86 years2
6. Warehouse 2.20 years2

Total: 61.30 m²

1. Corridor 5.24 years2
2. Child's room 8.84 years2
3. Child's room 12.63 years2
4. Bathroom 6.00 m2
5. Bedroom 15.95 m2

Total: 48.66 m²

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