About us

The brand Swedhaus belongs to the company Astirex, UAB that focuses on developing neighbourhoods of detached and semi-detached houses. The overall Swedhaus project has been designed to concentrate on developing attractively priced neighborhoods of detached and semi-detached houses that meet the needs of modern people.


  • help people find their dream houses.


  • be an attractive company focused on meeting the housing needs of modern people.


  • design neighbourhoods of detached and semi-detached houses at affordable prices;
  • take care of the environment and preserve it through innovative and eco-friendly construction machinery and materials;
  • foster a respectful attitude towards the clients and the environment they create, as well as towards laws and moral and socially accepted principles.
We develop blocks of individual houses that are sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly.
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We are happy to have chosen Swedhaus. The new house has met all our needs. It is a warm, cosy house where every family member feels great!

Jurgita K