Lukna alley

Luknos Alley - the peace of nature near the forest


3 houses of different sizes: 105m², 135m², 160m²

Each house has a garage and a cozy terrace.


Picturesque place

A natural oasis near the forest - for those looking for peace and harmony. At a distance of three kilometers, there is a wonderful Meduvi lake.


Façade is made of durable clinker tiles

The clinker façade is durable and gives the house an aesthetically pleasing and respectable look.


20 ares of land

Each house owns a 20-acre plot of land.

Block of individual houses Lukna alley intended for those who are looking for a real natural gem, but at the same time want to reach the center of the capital in a few tens of minutes. The closed settlement is being developed in the Trakai district, in the village of Naujoj Tarpupis. These are 25 cozy, one-story houses with separate plots of land, where each house has a net 20-acre plot. Settlers can choose from three different house sizes: 105m², 135m², 160m². The design of the house is designed to blend perfectly into the surrounding natural environment - it is a classic home that combines modern comfort and unique style. The block will have well-developed infrastructure, lighting, asphalt, and a recreation area with children's play and basketball courts.

Location of the development quarter


The house façade is finished with clinker tiles.

The roof is steel, imitating roof tiles.


Walls: Gas silicate blocks, 250 mm thick.

Wall insulation: Foam insulation boards, 300 mm thick.

Floors: Concrete, insulated with floor heating.

Wall finishing: All walls have gypsum plaster finishing.

Partitions: Plasterboard, made of double plasterboards 140 mm thick.

Electricity: Electric wiring routed to the designed locations, an electrical panel installed.

Water supply: Water inlet installed, water supply pipes routed to the required locations.

Internet: Cables routed.

Roof insulation: Eco-friendly cellulose insulation Ekovata, 450 mm thick.

Plumbing: Pipes installed to the designed areas, with collectors installed.


Electricity: Individual meters.

Water: One well per several houses.

Sewerage - "Švaistė" sewage system for every house.

Heating: Floor, covering the entire floor area of the house.

Rainwater: A rainwater collection well installed.

Tambur 3.45m²
Hall 4.81m²
WC and bath 5.30m²
Living room and kitchen 31.18m²
Bedroom 9.29m²
Cloakroom 4.87m²
Room 9.82m²
Room 9.50m²
Boiler room 7.20m²
Garage 20.17m²

Total: 105.92m²

Tambur 6.40m²
Living room and kitchen 37.50m²
Bedroom 14.20m²
Cloakroom 4.35m²
bathroom 6.10m²
Bedroom 11.20m²
WC and shower 4.08m²
Bedroom 11.97m²
Corridor 7.14m²
Boiler room 7.40m²
Garage 24.72m²

Total: 135.06m²

Tambur 6.98m²
Living room and kitchen 41.02m²
Bedroom 15.16m²
Cloakroom 4.46m²
bathroom 6.44m²
Bedroom 12.10m²
WC and shower 4.08m²
Workroom 11.97m²
Corridor 9.75m²
Boiler room 8.16m²
Bedroom 11.70m²
Garage 28.97m²

Total: 160.79m²

Neighbourhood gallery

Visualizations may differ from design drawings