Houses by the Lake


124m2 house

Cozy accommodation with a compact layout. A great choice for the family!


Picturesque place

Next to Lake Šventininkai!


Façade is made of gray decorative plaster

The façade finishing is a perfect match for the modern architecture of the building.


20 ares of land

Each semi-detached house has a land plot of 20 ares.

This modern, one-storey, semi-detached house next to Lake Šventininkai is for you, if you want a quiet suburban life, but can reach the centre of Vilnius in just 25 minutes! The project is located in one of the most beautiful places in Trakai district, in Šventininkų village. The area of a house is 124 m2. The well-planned house will mean comfortable living for everyone in it, while the large and spacious yard will become a great place to spend your leisure time.

Location in the city


The facade of the house is gray decorative plaster.

Roof - tin, imitation of tiles.


Walls: Gas silicate blocks, 250 mm thick.

Wall insulation: Foam insulation boards, 300 mm thick.

Floors: Concrete, insulated with floor heating.

Wall finishing: All walls have gypsum plaster finishing.

Partitions: Plasterboard, made of double plasterboards 140 mm thick.

Electricity: Electric wiring routed to the designed locations, an electrical panel installed.

Water supply: Water inlet installed, water supply pipes routed to the required locations.

Internet: Cables routed.

Roof insulation: Eco-friendly cellulose insulation Ekovata, 450 mm thick.

Plumbing: Pipes installed to the designed areas, with collectors installed.


Electricity: Individual meters.

Water: One well per several houses.

Sewerage - "Švaistė" sewage system for every house.

Heating: Floor, covering the entire floor area of the house.

Rainwater: A rainwater collection well installed.

Neighbourhood gallery

Visualizations may differ from design drawings