Benefits of A++ house

The European Union institutions, together with all the EU members, have agreed on the need of joint effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as they cause severe damage to the environment and to each and every one of us. One such method to achieve the reduction is to build new, A++ class houses that are mandatory in Lithuania since 2021. This means that the newly built houses must comply with the requirements of the A++ class that is friendly to people and helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Although the A++ class houses are usually referred as the Government requirement, it must be remembered that this housing type is primarily friendly to people. Why?

1. Lower maintenance costs.

The modern person understands that investing more during the house construction phase and living cheaper afterwards is preferable. This is what makes an A++ house with very low maintenance costs so satisfying. If you choose to live in an A++ house, you will not see high bills for heating, electricity and hot water because sustainable energy sources and tight insulation will make the house cheap to upkeep.

2. A perfect microclimate at home.

Naturally, the possibility of achieving the perfect microclimate for your body’s needs in innovative homes is also critical, and that requires no high expenses or system maintenance time, to reiterate the message. It is not just about warmth but also about coolness to help you feel great at home on hot summer days.

3. Eco-friendly living.

People living in A++ housing can feel good about doing their bit for the environment. This is everyone’s job and responsibility.

4. Clean air at home.

A++ houses must have a heat recovery system to ensure that the indoor air is always fresh and free from micro-organisms that can cause illness and contribute to poor sleep.

5. Tailored to human needs.

The requirements for A++ houses are focused on conserving the nature and on meeting the inhabitants’ needs: the position of the sun is taken into account when designing the largest windows, the maximum amount of natural light is ensured, as well as certified, best quality materials are used that have no negative impact on human health, etc.

Choose a home that is friendly to nature, to people and to our common future.

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