9 reasons why you should live in a detached house

Lithuanians pay a lot of attention to housing. You want to live in one that would satisfy your needs down to the smallest details, become a personal oasis of security where you can hide from the whole world, rest and relax.

It is true that although new multi-apartment buildings are quite actively "growing" in the country's major cities, a common citizen would confirm that he would rather choose to live in his own house than in an apartment. Even in this case, when the house is in the countryside, and the apartment is in the city limits.


Perhaps the silence factor is one of the most significant aspects determining why people move from apartments to their own houses. No matter how good materials and technologies a modern apartment building is built, it will never be as quiet as a house, because simply… you will have neighbors behind the wall. If you live in your own house, this problem will not exist.

The need for a green garden corner.

Dažnas emphasizes that Lithuanians are an agrarian nation and at least one currant and one apple should be in everyone's garden. Of course, it is much more convenient to have your own garden next to the house than an apartment and a farmhouse far from the city. After all, the green space needs constant maintenance, and it is inconvenient to go several tens of kilometers to it. Yards next to houses are usually about 5-10 acres, which is perfectly enough to build a greenhouse.

Less interference with neighbors.

When living in an apartment building, you really have to get along with your neighbors often. For outdoor maintenance, stairwell maintenance, other jobs that require a compromise, but it is not always possible to achieve it. When you live in your own house, you are your own king and you can manage yourself the way you like the most.

More space.

A standard apartment in the city is about 50-60 square meters, while the most commonly chosen new construction houses are about 100 square meters. Living more spaciously is, of course, much more comfortable. And the price per square meter in a country house can be even cheaper than an apartment in the city.


The important thing is that there will always be one next to your own house parking lot. You will not have to live with the fact that there will be no place to park your car when you return from work. The spacious yard is likely to accommodate even several vehicles.

The house may cost less.

Few people know, but a house in the countryside can be cheaper than an apartment in the city. Not only the housing itself, but also its maintenance. Do the math and we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. Especially when choosing new construction houses, which are very economical.


Statistics reveal that the most active crimes are committed within the city limits, in densely populated areas, and not in the suburbs. Not only do fewer people live in them, but in general fewer strangers pass by. Of course, this leads to less frequent crimes.

Cleaner air.

Residents of the countryside usually enjoy much better health. Quite simply, new districts are often created in places next to forests, so there is always somewhere to walk, and the air is also cleaner.


Finally, many would confirm that in one's own house one feels much more freedom, self-confidence and work that is planned. Meanwhile, the apartment is often very dependent on the benevolence of the neighbors: when planning to buy a dog, carry out repairs, etc.

Own house is the dream of many compatriots. We can only be happy that together - it is implemented not only quite quickly, but also perfectly, down to the smallest details, as every compatriot likes the most.

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